Destination, Mallorca. 2018. past and present

Mallorca, when the sun goes down
Joe blunt
covering Mall0rca by car can be achieved from the North to the South in about a hour an a half, depending on the time of year and the traffic. But, we are not going to travel by car, we are going by racing bike. Over recent years this beautiful island has become the home of the iron man, and with this comes the adrenaline junkies and their high powered bikes. Easter is the time when the roads become unsafe, not for the bikers but for the motorists. Groups upon groups of different nationalities take to the roads, ignoring the goings on around them, ignoring the standard highway codes. We are no longer in the sixties or the seventies when the flow of traffic was a tram or a horse and cart, we now live in the new age, where if you do not keep up you will be for sure, killed. Cars are rented, motor bikes are rented and when you rent something, you can be sure of one thing, nobody gives a shit.      

You may think that riding in twos and threes is collio, but, its not so great if your mindset focuses on having a chat instead protecting your life. Cars impatiently queue up behind you, behind your group, waiting for the chance to pass, your group is twenty strong and three wide, your speed is eighteen km per hour possibly more. Please believe me when i tell you that every year, Mallorca witnesses deaths of the cyclists. You also have to remember that here in Mallorca, drinking is easy and alcohol is available in almost all places you visit, all places. 

Side streets and back alleys, mountain paths and any possible route  that police are not located you will encounter the  drunk driver, the police evader. 

Respect to the racer for the endurance and awareness of the drivers could save tour life.