Changes and faith

The man who feels lost, may walk alone.

But, towards the two pin pricks of light he sees,

he will keep digging, because he believes.

As the pin pricks of light begin to grow,

the darkness lifts, to reveal the wolf beyond the mist.

No matter how many guesses as to what the lights could be,

how very wrong was he to see,

the vision before him, was to be his security,

and from the darkness i was pulled.

28 thoughts on “Changes and faith”

    1. can i just say thank you and all i ask is a little patience as i never in my life done anything like this. this is my first website i ever built and i have just been trying to get to grips with it. i promise that new material is on its way, i have been working on my writing as its a little on the rusty side. please stay with me, this week changes will be made and i will try to post every week from now on.

    1. Hi i was wondering if you could explain in a little more depth what you mean please about the updates………

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