Here we go again

Soon, very soon, the cobwebs will be blown from thousands of bars, restaurants and rental cars. The sounds of multiple aircraft are already increasing, and the birds are chirping. Summer is looming, gone are the six lazy months of the close season, and all the hard work begins again. Mallorca…… serving the tourist division. I see the quiet streets gather speed and the flow of traffic is no longer smooth.

Rental cars tear around the towns from a fiat shoe-box to, a mustang, not forgetting the health and safety certified family size peddle cars jamming up the roads.

This island is a very busy island, and that includes busy bodies as well……. anyway you need a course here on how to avoid the million five wide cycle units that seem to dominate this beautiful place. so just take care not to take a few out in the mountains.

Along with bicycles, motorbikes, mopeds,taxis,busses, coaches, Skateboards, Hover-boards, roller-bladers ……..niceeeeee. stray cats and dogs, mountain bikers, the list goes on people……………..take care and good luck.

and most importantly here is…….. anything goes……. this is my definition of a bumper ok

A bumper is something intended for an accidental bump, correct, i said accidental.

you can forgive that.

But, with my very own eyes i witnessed the home grown talent here and it turns out the bumpers are not for accidental use. Here bumping is welcomed with open arms. If you dont bump your car then your a blunt, and the community frowns upon you………………. failed in their greatest achievement so far in life, bumping three times.

its honestly such a beautiful sight to see a beaten up piece a s><? car, pull up right next to the beautiful Audi and be fully aware that they will clearly not fit. The fast glance around settles the decision, no other spaces available. Yes you are correct, you now have five cars unable to get out and some damage along the way, but hey ho, s><? happens. There is no need to panic, once you have seen it a few times it becomes the norm, just brush it off or take a photo like i do.

so thats the roads covered then, hope you all getting the picture. gotta love the summer.

See you in a few days everyone.

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