ok, so look.

I am in the forest where i have been residing for the previous 5 months and as i peek over the top of the four screens that are changing my life the trees dance in the wind. i am a million miles away from civilisation, and the caravan has the gentle music of a nineteen88 chart toppers playlist in the background. seriously, i am turning into a nerd thanks to a series of highly unexpected changes in my life. The rain is looming overhead and i can hear the occasional droplets hitting the warmth of the steel tube and disintegrate. This estufa has has provided the warmth in my caravan and often leaves me feeling sleepy due to the uncontrollable rise and fall of the heat, no thermostat here i am afraid.

I have always been a bit of a reader and to carry a book is comfort for me, the pages the smell of the book and the scraps of paper i used as bookmarks with my own notes on. i turned to writing about 8 months in books as my laptop was smashed and my life with it. Paper and pen it was to be.

The few months passed, writing and drawing only by hand, never leaving my books out of my sight… it was all i had.

uncertainty was never far away and bread became the cheapest way of survival on the pittance i had left to my name……

My love for the words has grown and grown and the over the last six months or so the accumulation of  fifteen to 20 chapters of a book has started to take place and the battle continues to prepare the final manuscript for what i hope will become the most dramatic and unexpected change in my life.

In the meantime, bread rolls and eggs will keep this engine going………. Life is ever so Rosie.

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  1. Life sure is Rosie!!!………you just gotta be wearing the right glasses. Don’t remove them for anyone and believe that life is beautiful x x x

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