Service with a Rosie smile

Being a resident in Palma De Mallorca during the summer can be a very very stressful time indeed. Every one you come across is wearing the same shades, you know the shades they wear. The shades that allow time and motion to slow to nothing. Space walkers arrive and my high speed does not gel with the camera happy snapper that is in no hurry. I have a lot of land to cover and not a lot of time to cover it and this is when i had a really smart idea, get a moped.

The moped would be ideal for zipping  in and out between the cars, no more stuck in traffic before work, home earlier, more time on the blog, yes i did say blog. The list of positives goes on, fuel consumption, sun, speed, cheaper insurance and 76km  for 2 litres was the winning answer.

Would you believe that i actually did do what i just said and i got off my arse, the decision was made. Next thing you know i am 1 week earlier now and one day and i am in the shop which is full of Vespas and various others and i ask to see the sale bikes.

The guy looks confused, looks at me confused, i look at him confused and then i look around the shop kick myself because for a minute i thought i was in a scooter shop not a car lot.

Next thing you know, my Spanish is not so bad and this guy speaks fluent English after all and the look is not confusion at all. the look is more ohh shit, that kinda look. he tells me he got some bikes but these bikes are at the other shop and will need to be prepped for my sale. no Problem i said, you change the papers over, i will pay a holding fee and when can i pick it up i said.

Upon leaving the shop it was agreed that next saturday( yesterday) was the pick up time. Perfect i thought to my-self, just in-time for the  Easter bunny and the increase in tourists. I can really get stuck into the blog then and keep it as live as long as my life would allow me.

Mid-way through the week i receive a call, from the shop, they are ever  so sorry but Sunday is the new scheduled pick up. im not too happy but hey ho whats one more day.

Yesterday while i was jumping over rocks i found myself not far from the scooter sales place where i paid the deposit. And me, being me would like to speak to the guy, just to make sure that we are on the same page.

A swing by the shop was a good idea as i am now confronted by a different man from last week. the procedures are done and the hellos are said and they now know who i am and what i want.

Now what i want is simple, very simple. I want, one man with a cell to make a decision. That one man, can surely, in a week, do as he said, and if not just give me a time and a date and mean it.

It was never going to be ready on Sunday either, the lying tossers. But i had come this far and i was willing to see it out now, if only for the entertainment factor.

I am an extremely busy man and i cannot stand people wasting my time, so all im asking is, think about it before you answer, you mess my plans up.

Life is Rosie, smash a hammer into the kind button, and now the question is …………… how will Joe end up ??????bike or……… no bike.

gotta keep on top of your rocks, this is Joe, rocking out.

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