Wi-Fi ………….

Good evening, i thought id finish the week off with a rant. Now, i live in the forest and recently i discovered that because i generally move around a little bit, i could have a new kind of system that does not require a landline. nobody needs landlines anymore anyway. So there i am, having a little think about it. I see in full clarity that its wise to accept, i spend a fair amount charging my megasgofly, and they do fly. The reception is not so good here so i accepted the option of a portable receiver, fantastich. …… that was a month ago. Yes, i have been patient and in the time waiting i have continued to secure the the best deal i can, while i wait, still.

Tick-Tock, Tick- Tock, . Ok, so, now my caravan is too far away from the main house of the friends i have made that have allowed me to use there land for a while. This is a reason why i need a separate connection, all to myself because im greedy……….superstar internet speeds ……….here we come.

This generally means that if i work Monday through Friday not finishing until 5 and they as a company finish at 4, we gonna have a problem then. Now i might be mistaken for thinking that this time zone is an important time for business but i might be wrong. In the real world the population use these guides so when i arrive home from work at 5ish i can be there as instructed………..impossible……. so i arrange someone to be there for me.

i know i was a naughty boy but all i want is internet….. continually……. no cock ups…….. simple

My work is finished for the week, its Easter, i got internet……..thats the most important, the wi-fi………..Life is surely Rosie.

The wait is over, the gates to the drive open up, but the gradual progress along the gravel path revealed not one sign of a cable. This was when my rose colour glasses began to crack, but i still had faith that this engineer actually covered the cable and completed the task in a professional manor.

My glasses shatter into a million fragments, disintegrated, along with the wi-fi as i notice that the tech took down the owners provider dish to the house and replaced it. They went and put mine in its place.

so not only do i not have, what i am now paying for, i am paying for it for someone else.

go figure eh…….. anyway, it could be worse, i could be dead.

Life is Rosie…… smile, be kind…………. on-wards and up-wards.

Joe blunt, jumping on a rock………….. Bon Finde

2 thoughts on “Wi-Fi ………….”

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    1. Hi Jan Zac,
      Thank you for your interest and the comments on the appearance. Up until a year ago i had never written a thing really in my life. A tragedy struck upon me made me re-assess my life and i looked for something new and different for me. since this time i have re-invented myself through writing. i will indeed look at your site and give you my honest opinion, but, please remember i am also new to this. But i will say this. i have been assessing the twitter and in my opinion if all you wish to do is focus on the blue button then i would forget my purpose. i believe that you should write from the heart, true, real experiences. if people like what they read, like you did with me, those positive results will be what keeps me in the direction i am moving myself. They will follow you. At the moment my site is based on Myself and my travels, between jobs. Next to this runs my life and stories, the Maserati post is a very clever and well thought out editorial. i leave it like this and i will wonder if anyone can guess what i have done.I am doing this for no other reason than i enjoy this new way of my life and i have no idea how to make money doing this. at the moment i do not have a newsletter, i am sorry about this but i hold a full time job and much more, so my time is spread among a long list of subjects during my day.

      Maybe we should speak more….. i have a very good friend who i speak with all the time about the S>E>O services, and i can promise you that google is brain far greater than you and i. SEO is a complicated game of wit when it comes to rankings. especially if you think you are good enough to become number 1, without paying.

      i will look at your site, lets link, and have some fun. i love a challenge .

      Regards Joe.

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