Good evening, i thought id finish the week off with a rant. Now, i live in the forest and recently i discovered that because i generally move around a little bit, i could have a new kind of system that does not require a landline. nobody needs landlines anymore anyway. So there i am, having a little think about it. I see in full clarity that its wise to accept, i spend a fair amount charging my megasgofly, and they do fly. The reception is not so good here so i accepted the option of a portable receiver, fantastich. …… that was a month ago. Yes, i have been patient and in the time waiting i have continued to secure the the best deal i can, while i wait, still.

Tick-Tock, Tick- Tock, . Ok, so, now my caravan is too far away from the main house of the friends i have made that have allowed me to use there land for a while. This is a reason why i need a separate connection, all to myself because im greedy……….superstar internet speeds ……….here we come.

This generally means that if i work Monday through Friday not finishing until 5 and they as a company finish at 4, we gonna have a problem then. Now i might be mistaken for thinking that this time zone is an important time for business but i might be wrong. In the real world the population use these guides so when i arrive home from work at 5ish i can be there as instructed………..impossible……. so i arrange someone to be there for me.

i know i was a naughty boy but all i want is internet….. continually……. no cock ups…….. simple

My work is finished for the week, its Easter, i got internet……..thats the most important, the wi-fi………..Life is surely Rosie.

The wait is over, the gates to the drive open up, but the gradual progress along the gravel path revealed not one sign of a cable. This was when my rose colour glasses began to crack, but i still had faith that this engineer actually covered the cable and completed the task in a professional manor.

My glasses shatter into a million fragments, disintegrated, along with the wi-fi as i notice that the tech took down the owners provider dish to the house and replaced it. They went and put mine in its place.

so not only do i not have, what i am now paying for, i am paying for it for someone else.

go figure eh…….. anyway, it could be worse, i could be dead.

Life is Rosie…… smile, be kind…………. on-wards and up-wards.

Joe blunt, jumping on a rock………….. Bon Finde